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Beaded Souls X Soulful Comforts: A Beautiful Sign of the Times

Beaded Souls has collaborated with Soulful Comforts, a new textile art company to put out a striking, interpretation of what has proven to be a sign o’ the times: beaded facemasks! Each mask is hand-beaded by Soulful Comforts and emblazoned with the Beaded Souls signature logo. The Beaded Souls X Soulful Comforts masks play on the inherent mystery and drama of face masks, and accentuate the mystical spirit of our eyes.

The love behind the masks comes from women who first connected at their children’s school, became soul-friends, and then collaborators. Faida, from the Beaded Souls family wanted to create masks with the spirit of her brand but made from local hands. Shaniece of Soulful Comforts had been making masks since the beginning of the pandemic and had been eyeing different materials to add mojo to her masks. After some social distance girlfriend conversations Faida asked Shaniece if she could add some beaded magic to her masks and the collaboration was born! The masks are stylish, beautiful, and so soulful! Get one for yourself, as a stocking stuffer or Kwanzaa gift!

Each mask is one of a kind with love sewn into each bead. Embrace the moment and adorn yourself with wearable art with this beaded mask from Beaded Souls X Soulful Comforts!


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