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The Beaded Life

After years in the making, my mom and I did it. We finally launched Beaded Souls. With mom's years of experience in African art, apparel, interior design and style consulting it has been a pleasure to reinvigorate her talents and partner on this venture.

Beaded Souls is a movement and a lifestyle of incorporating wearable art in your daily life. Whether you are in a corporate environment or are an artist, Beaded Souls will continuously offer unique ways to cultivate your artistic expression through beaded products.

The Beaded Life begins with adding twinkle to your toes with Fannie's Collection of beaded sandals. When you slip them on, they put a smile on your face. You can walk with pride knowing that you are stepping out with a unique work of art on your feet that makes others stop and stare (in a good way).

This is just the beginning. Take the journey through the Beaded Life with us as we offer new and exciting beaded creations to add a little more color and lot more culture to your life. Stay tuned, the next collection is already underway...

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